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Sharing is Caring!

In my mind, there’s two kinds of sharing. Good sharing. And bad sharing.

Good sharing consists of sharing good things! Like time, toys, cookies, jokes, and other good stuff.

Bad sharing consists of sharing bad things. Like germs, bad information, mean words, and other bad stuff.

Growing up with a twin, I’ve had to share EVERYTHING. Rooms, toys, clothes, friends, birthdays…everything. So I thought that I was pretty good at sharing. But then I got to college and realized that I wasn’t so good at sharing as I thought! Freshman year, I struggled to share such a small space with a roommate, and sharing a bathroom with a whole floor of girls?! No way! Then I became an RA and got my own room. No more roommates, and a smaller floor of people to share a bathroom with. Still hard though. I just don’t like sharing my space and my stuff.

Since the passing of my grandmother, I’ve been thinking a lot about sharing and giving. She was so generous (almost to a fault) and was so willing to share! Whether it was a good joke (or a dirty joke, knowing my grandma), time, a hug, or a favorite recipe, she was always so willing to share! I hope that as I age, I can be more like my grandmother. 🙂


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