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At the dawn of 2010 (okay, maybe a few days after…) I made three resolutions:

1. Be more badass.*
2. Be more of a free thinker. (Roughly..I can’t put what it really is for fear of losing friends)
3. Wear more color.

This is about resolution #3. Yesterday I wore mostly black, with a pink headband. Today I wore the most fabulous yellow skirt that I found over break.

It’s amazing how much of an effect the color you wear has on your general disposition! Somehow, when you’re wearing yellow, the world seems sunnier. Like everything has suddenly gotten brighter. When I’m wearing yellow, it doesn’t matter if I feel lonely, or if I’m mad at someone, or if my tummy hurts. It doesn’t matter if I didn’t do my reading and we have a quiz. It doesn’t matter if the cafeteria food is sub-par (which it usually is), or if I have to eat alone, because I’m wearing yellow and I look fabulous.

Does anyone else feel this way? What color do you feel brighter in?

*Borrowed from Allison Lindsay.


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