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Two thoughts today. The idea of the domestic diva, and the death, disappearance, and changes in chivalry.

Domesticity. That word just oozes 1950s, doesn’t it? When I grow up, I want to have a job, but also be a domestic diva. Actually, I’d really be happy as a housewife, but I think I may feel the need to contribute. Time will tell.

I’m well on my way to becoming a domestic diva. I know how to bake cookies, knit, own a teapot, and have 2 aprons on the way. Here are pictures!

Teapot! Except mine is yellow. It makes delicious tea and I love it!

Apron numero uno. I just love the big yellow roses! I can’t wait to try it on. (:

And this is apron numero dos. It’s vintage 1940s, and I will have it in my possession within the next 5-7 days. Love it!

Part of me wants to be a domestic diva because it’s such a romantic figure (in my head, at least.) I like to joke that I’m living in the wrong decade. I’d much rather be a 1950s housewife than a 21st century professional. Maybe. I mostly just wanted to show off my aprons and teapot, so…moving on.


Chivalry. Is it dead? Has it disappeared? Where did it go? Just today, I was walking slightly behind a person of the male gender. As we reached a door, he flung it open and walked through. He didn’t even hold it open for the 2 extra seconds it would have taken to wait. It’s entirely possible he did not see me, just as it is possible that this man is devoid of manners. But what ever happened to holding a door open for someone or offering a jacket? And where have the true gentlemen of the world run off to?

Some people like to say that chivalry disappeared with the advent of feminism. Women were becoming more self sufficient and seemed almost resentful of men who tried to coddle the “weaker sex.” Well, you know what? I want to be taken care of. I want to have someone open doors for me, offer a jacket or umbrella, open my car door, and act gentlemanly all of the time.

Call me old fashioned, but doesn’t it sound nice?


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