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The College Bubble…

…is a very comfortable place to be. Almost too comfortable. You go somewhere new, make friends (who are also somewhere new), get a routine, never have to worry about where your next meal will come from (because the cafeteria cooks for you), and you don’t really have to worry about a job, because you can always find one on campus! Life doesn’t start at 8 and go until 5. It starts at 11, goes till 2, and then you have a nice break until your 7 or 8 pm meeting.

Your biggest concerns in college are actually not that big. When is the internet going to come back on? How are you going to get home for break? When will the pizza get better in the cafeteria?

No rent, no utility bills, no grocery shopping, still on your parent’s health insurance. Life is good.

But then when you graduate, the college bubble is popped. Now, mind you, my college bubble hasn’t been broken yet. Still comfortable, still easy. But I’ve recently been looking into grad schools, full-time jobs, and thinking about living far from home (well, even further from home than I already am). Heck, just applying for jobs is scary. Cover letters, resum├ęs, salary requirements…

It’s scary, right?


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I’m tired of the mediocre attitudes of people I run into.

I was always taught that you should put in your whole effort, even if it’s really hard, because then you can truly say that you tried your hardest. But some people I deal with seem to think that because it’s too hard, their whole effort won’t be worth it. Which leads to a half-assed, mediocre approach.

I’m excited about lots of things, but it depends on people to also put in their full effort. I’m hopeful that it will turn out well, but knowing people, it could be a mediocre attempt.

Thoughts? Comments? I could use some help!

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