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My grandma used to write songs for everyone on their birthday. My name, being Melissa Jane, matched up well with the song “Eliza Jane.”

Here’s my song:

We’ve got a girl, we love her so..
We’ve got a girl, we love her so..
Little Melissa Jane..

Oh Melissa…Little Melissa Jane..
Oh Melissa…Little Melissa Jane..
With rosebud cheeks and eyes so blue…
Turned up nose and dimples too..
Oh Melissa…Little Melissa Jane..

I think this is one of the perfect examples of how loving my grandma was. She wrote songs for everyone. Personally, I think mine’s the best…But that’s just me.

I miss my grandma. Spokane isn’t the same without her.


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As my friend Morgan and I like to say: Fail.

I failed at Lent. I tried to give up chocolate, but it didn’t work. I succumbed to my need for chocolate.

I also fail at being motivated to do grad school applications and apply for jobs. And keeping track of my homework. And waking up on time for an 8 am class.

However, I got a 97 on a test. This was the test where I watched ice skating instead of studying. Success.

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Life Without Chocolate

For anyone who knows me remotely well, they know that I love chocolate.

I don’t just love chocolate, I’m addicted to it. I could barely go a whole day without chocolate for a friend’s biopsychology research project studying caffeine. So naturally, I decided to give up chocolate for lent.


Yes, you heard me right. I’m giving up chocolate for lent. It will be a long 40 days. And it will be really hard. But for the next 40 days, you will be hearing about my life without chocolate.

Day 1: I miss it.

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