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You would not believe your eyes
If ten million fireflies
Lit up the world as I fell asleep
Cause they’d fill the open air
And leave tear drops everywhere
You’d think me rude but I would just stand and

I’d like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns, slowly
It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep
Cause everything is never as it seems

Cause I’d get a thousand hugs
From ten thousand lightning bugs
As they tried to teach my how to dance
A foxtrot above my head
A sock-hop beneath my bed
The disco ball is just hanging by a thread
(Thread, thread…)

I’d like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns, slowly
It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep
Cause everything is never as it seems
(When I fall asleep)

Leave my door open just a crack
(Please take me away from here)
Cause I feel like such an insomniac
(Please take me away from here)
Why do I tire of counting sheep?
(Please take me away from here)
When I’m far too tired to fall asleep

To ten million fireflies
I’m weird cause I hate goodbyes
I got misty eyes as they said farewell
(Said farewell)
But I’ll know where several are
If my dreams get real bizarre
Cause I saved a few and I keep them in a jar
(Jar, jar, jar…)

I’d like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns, slowly
It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep
Cause everything is never as it seems
(When I fall asleep)

I’d like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns, slowly
It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep
Because my dreams are bursting at the seams

This song is just so wonderful. Last night I saw the first fireflies of the season. I was out for a walk on a much needed study break, and I saw them. And it made me so, indescribably happy.

When I was little, I used to travel with my mom and sisters to come visit grandma and grandpa over the summers. We don’t get fireflies in Washington (like tornadoes, but that’s a different story) so it was always a lot of fun to run around with a mason jar and catch them, and then watch the “stars” we’d captured.

I’m staying in Monmouth for the summer, and I’m looking forward to many more nights full of fireflies.


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Life is scary. I know, I’ve been through this already. But life–real life–is scary.

I’ve been thinking for a while about my intended career path. I had it all planned out. I was going to get a Masters in Arts Administration, graduate in 2 years, and then get a job. Except recently, I’ve been thinking that maybe a MA in Arts Admin would pigeonhole me in the arts field. So after talking with a professor/boss, and my parents, I’ve decided to find a job. Preferably with a PR agency in the DC area. After a few years of work, I’ll go get my MBA with a concentration in Marketing or Marketing Communications.

Really scary. But that’s the new plan. So if anyone knows of any PR jobs in the DC area, let me know!

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In this epic battle, books would come out victorious.

As a child, I read the entire Anne of Green Gables series. Starting with Anne Shirley as an auburn haired orphan being brought home by Matthew Cuthbert when Marilla really wanted a boy, to her friendship with “bosom friend” Diana Barry, to her love affair with Gilbert Blythe, to the birth of her children. And throughout the entire series, I had vivid images in my mind of what she looked like, what her house looked like, what Gilbert looked like, and what her general surroundings were. In 5th grade, I was so sure of Anne Shirley’s life that I almost thought I could be Anne Shirley if I wanted to.

There’s a house in Frankfort, IL, that I call the “Anne of Green Gables House.” Jered always makes fun of me for it, but it’s my most favorite house in the whole area. This is what it kind of looks like:

This is how I picture the house at Green Gables. Except without a garage door or quite so elaborate landscaping. And maybe a bit more colorful. But the general structure, with the wrap around porch and the circle rooms and creative rooftop.

I bet most of you have seen the movie, “Anne of Green Gables.” I have not. I never saw it when I was young, and now I have absolutely no desire to see it. My idealized images of Anne Shirley and Green Gables are too perfect in my head. I spent too much time building that world in my head to have Hollywood show me what it should really look like. I just can’t bring myself to ruin what 5th grade Melissa created.

I feel the same way about the Little House on the Prairie books. I began reading these much earlier – I have vivid memories of my mom reading Little House in the Big Woods and trying to imagine what that winter would feel like – and finished the series in about 3rd grade. Apparently there are movies, but I haven’t seen them. And I don’t want to.

I feel bad for kids now. Unless they are introduced to these great books, they will never have the opportunity to create these imaginary worlds and be transported somewhere else than their backyard or living room.

Go outside. Read a book. Play pretend.

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Do you ever feel like what you’re doing doesn’t matter? Or that you don’t matter? Maybe you’re trying to raise money for a national philanthropy and only ¬†manage to raise $200. This foundation gets donations of thousands of dollars at time! Does it even matter? Or maybe you really want to do something, but get passed over. Do you still matter?

I think yes.

I’ve had my fair share of “pass overs” and I can tell you, it hurts. It hurts a lot. All I want to do is cry, mope, and host a personal pity party, table for one. I heard this quote somewhere…

“People with high expectations¬†for themselves are prone to heartbreak.”

And I’ve been heartbroken.

I was recently talking to a friend about one of these “pass overs,” and she helped me see it in a different light. I may have been passed over on more than one occasion for more than one opportunity (which I really wanted, at the time), but because I did not receive that position, I was able to do more elsewhere.

And while it seemed like what I was doing elsewhere did not matter at the time, that does not mean that people did not notice and appreciate. Perhaps the universe has a different plan for me. And I’m needed elsewhere for that moment, hour, day, week, semester, year. And it’s not that I wasn’t chosen because I wasn’t good enough, popular enough, or qualified enough. But because someone else was differently good, popular, or qualified. That person may do very well or very poorly. But it is pointless to spend time saying, “I would have been better at that.” Because I don’t know that! I would have done things differently, achieved maybe a different outcome, but I can’t say I would have done better. That’s a struggle for me.

The idea can be applied to the modest fundraiser. While the foundation is used to receiving donations averaging $2,000, it is easy to say that they will notice and appreciate a donation a tenth of the size.

Keep trying. Keep doing good. Keep putting yourself out there, but do not be disappointed if it does not go your way. It’s a big world out there, and there’s lots of opportunities for everyone. Be patient, wait your turn, keep your limbs inside of the car, and you’ll reach your destination sooner than you think.

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